Bleed for your Master

2nd-level enchantment

Casting Time: 1 reaction

Range: Touch

Components: V, S

Duration: Instantaneous

Classes: bard, cleric, druid, ranger, wizard

When you would be hit by an attack that requires an attack roll or are within a harmful area effect that allows a Dexterity saving throw, with a touch you can compel your familiar or companion animal, or any creature you have conjured, dominated, or bound into your service (as with planar binding), to throw itself in front of the blow and shield you from harm. Creatures not bound to your service in one of these ways are immune to this spell, and the spell has no effect if the target creature is frightened.

If an attack roll triggered this spell’s casting, the target takes the damage from the attack instead of you, even if the attack roll would have missed your companion creature’s Armor Class.

If the effect allows a Dexterity saving throw, you instead gain a +2 bonus on your saving throw (if the creature is smaller than you. If the creature is larger than you, you have advantage on the saving throw and you take no damage from the effect if you succeed on your saving throw, or half as much damage as normal if you fail. Your companion creature automatically fails its Dexterity saving throw against the effect.

After this spell is cast, your companion creature is immediately frightened for 1 minute. A creature that is magically controlled by you also can make a Charisma saving throw (with disadvantage, unless it is immune to being frightened); if it succeeds, the effect that was controlling it ends.

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