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Blood Trail

1st-level divination

Casting Time:1 reaction
Range:120 feet/Special
Components:V, S, F
Duration:1 hour

The Pool of Magic is connected to all things. Students of mystic arts can utilize this connection to aid in tracking a wounded foe. Blood trail allows you to magically track a wounded foe so long as you witnessed the injury. If a creature to whom you have line of effect suffers hit point damage while within range, you may use your reaction to cast blood trail. For the duration of the spell, you have advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks to track the target. If the creature travels to another plane of existence, you are immediately aware that they have left the plane, though you do not know where they went. If they return to the plane you are on, or you travel to the plane they are on, you are immediately aware that they are again on the same plane and may make a DC 20 Wisdom (Survival) check to pick the trail back up. Success allows you to resume tracking the target normally, while failure causes the spell to end immediately.

At Higher Levels. When casting blood trail using a higher-level spell slot the duration increases as follows: 3rd level: 8 hours, 5th level: 24 hours, 7th level: 30 days, 9th level: until dispelled.

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