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Bubble Bind

3rd-level abjuration

Classes: Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard

Casting Time:1 action

Range:30 feet

Components:V, S, M (a drop of liquid soap)


When you cast this spell, a fist-sized bubble propels toward your target and attempts to envelop them. Make a ranged spell attack against a creature no greater than Large size within range. If you hit, the target is encased in a full-body bubble and suspended slightly off the ground. The creature gains the restrained condition and all attacks against them or dealt by them hit the bubble instead of the target. The bubble has an AC of 10 and hit points equal to your spellcasting ability score. It also has vulnerability to piercing damage and resistance to bludgeoning and slashing damage. The bubble takes double damage from any source outside of the bubble and half damage from the target within. Any effort to forcefully move the target in the bubble has advantage and can move double the distance. Once the bubble reaches 0 hit points, it pops and the target is released.

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