Decay Object

Transmutation Cantrip (void*)

Classes: wizard

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 10 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: instantaneous

You cause an object to quickly erode. Choose one unattended, nonmagical object that can fit into a 1-foot cube within range that you can see. The object takes on a slimy texture and becomes pitted and unusable.

An unattended object is one that is not being carried or wielded by another creature.

Complex objects made of multiple moving pieces cannot be targeted by this cantrip, nor can small pieces that are part of a larger whole. For example, this cantrip can affect an unattended dagger but has no effect on a lock.

*Note All spells with the void keyword have a verbal component and must be uttered in Void Speech, which cannot be precluded by use of any other feat, feature, or spell.

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