Dream Dalliance

4th-level illusion

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: permanent

Classes: bard

You create a comforting phantasm, which leeches onto the psyche of a nearby target. The creature can attempt a Wisdom saving throw to prevent the phantasm from entering its psyche; on a failed saving throw it takes up permanent residence in the target’s mind. The phantasm fills its target’s dreams with happy visions, comforting manifestations of loved ones, and incredible vistas, feeding the target a perfect fantasy life it never wishes to leave. After the target’s next night’s sleep, the target must succeed at a Wisdom saving throw to wake up; otherwise, it remains asleep for the rest of the day and following night. Each night it must succeed at a new saving throw or remain asleep for days or weeks on end as it slowly starves to death (presuming it normally needs to eat to survive). Loud noises, jostling, and even pain won’t rouse the slumbering target. Dealing damage awakens the target, but the target awakens with a level of exhaustion and has disadvantage on all saving throws against spells and effects that may put it back to sleep until the phantasm has been banished.

The phantasm remains in its host’s mind indefinitely, requiring a new Wisdom saving throw to wake up every time the target rests. Greater restoration will end the spell.

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