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6th-level conjuration

Classes: sorcerer, warlock, wizard

Casting Time:1 action

Range:30 feet

Components:V, S, M (water from the lungs of a drowned creature)

Duration:Concentration, up to 1 minute

Water swirls up in a sphere around a creature you can see within range, forcing itself into the creature’s mouth and nose. The creature must make a Strength saving throw. On a failed save, it is stunned until the start of its next turn by the water entering its lungs. On a successful save, the creature isn’t affected.

An affected creature can’t speak and begins to suffocate. As an action, the creature can try to cough the water out of its lungs by repeating the saving throw. On a success, the spell ends. A creature that can breathe water isn’t affected by this spell.

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