Drowsy Fireflies

2nd-level conjuration

Classes: druid, sorcerer, warlock

Casting Time:1 action

Range:30 feet

Components:V, S, M (a live firefly)

Duration:Concentration, up to 10 minutes

You summon a small cloud of glimmering fireflies that fills a 5-foot radius, obscuring vision into or through the cloud (providing cover if line of sight must pass through 5 feet or more of the swarm), and causing all creatures within the swarm to become dazzled (no save). In addition, the drowsy fireflies secrete a soporific pheromone that causes all creatures within the cloud to fall into a light slumber for 2d6 rounds if they fail a Constitution saving throw. The slumber induced by the drowsy fireflies is not as deep as that caused by sleep, and loud noises such as combat allow sleeping creatures to attempt a DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) ability check each round at the end of their turns to awaken. This Wisdom (Perception) ability check is made with disadvantage. Sleeping creatures can be automatically awakened by an ally as an action.

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