Fey Crossroads

5th-level conjuration

Casting Time:1 minute or 10 minutes (see below)


Components:V, S

Duration:8 hours

To create a fey crossroads you must be at an actual crossroads where two or more paths, roads, trails, or streets intersect, allowing you to cast this spell as a standard action. If no such crossroads exist, you can create one by treading back and forth repeatedly along two intersecting lines to create an impromptu crossroads, requiring 10 minutes; if you are interrupted during the creation of the crossroads, the spell fails. Once the crossroads is established and the fey crossroads spell completed, you and any creature you touch traverse into the numinous verges of the Fey Realms that glide along coterminously with the Material Plane. You can take more than one creature along with you on this journey through the fey crossroads, but all must be touching each other.

Traveling through the fey crossroads uses weird magic that stretches time and space.

As long as the caster and all passengers uses an action each round, they travel through extraplanar space at a pace of 500 feet per round, or a brisk 50 miles per hour. While traveling you can see a distorted version of the Material Plane. You can perceive the environment of the material plane well enough to see landmarks and settlements, but you cannot perceive things like individual creatures, writing, or actions.

While traveling you cannot interact; any kind of physical interaction in the Fey Realm causes the spell to end and all travelers to reappear on the Material Plane at the nearest crossroads within 500 feet; if there isn’t one, you appear 1d10 x 50 feet in a random, unoccupied, and likely secluded place. You can stop at a known crossroads to you. You can instead stop at a familiar or perceived location, appearing within 1d0 x 50 feet of your intended destination, usually on a road or crossroads adjacent to it if such a thing exists. A fey crossroads can be used to cross the Fey Realms into other planes that border upon it (GM’s discretion), though the time and distances involved can be unreliable. Traveling through the surreal delights of the Fey Realms is highly disturbing to the mortal psyche, and the hallucinatory revels they experience drain the body as well. Hence, any non-fey creatures traveling through a fey crossroads take 1d6 points of psychic damage and suffer one level of exhaustion when they return to the Material Plane. A DC 13 Wisdom save negates these negative effects. Creatures gain any benefits they have on this saving throw as though it were a spell cast by a fey creature. If a creature is reduced to 0 hit points by this psychic damage, they are stable, but unconscious for 1 hour.

The deleterious effects of this spell can be reduced or eliminated entirely if the caster or a creature targeted with this spell provides a suitable performance for the benefit of the fey spirits that gather around a fey crossroads.

This increases the casting time to 10 minutes and requires performers to use actions. Each Charisma (Perform) check, or an ability check using a suitable instrument, can be used in place of the saving throw result of any of the travelers.

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