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1st-level conjuration

Casting Time: 1 minute

Range: self

Components: S, M (access to cellphone or other Internet-connected device)

Duration: 5 days

With this spell, your device provides the funds for any one purchase you wish to make which can be made by contactless payment or wire transfer. You can simulate money like this once during the spell’s duration, plus once more per wealth feat you possess. Once the duration ends, all payments made with this spell immediately disappear from the affected merchants’ accounting books.

Only one casting of this spell may be active at any given time.

If you cast the spell again, the first cast ends, and the payments are immediately taken off the affected merchants’ books.

Note that while there is no monetary limit on what can be purchased, characters who buy items far beyond their apparent means may be treated suspiciously, and some merchants may have protection against such magic.

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