Fleshworm Infestation

4th-level conjuration

Classes: druid, sorcerer, wizard

Casting Time:1 action


Components:V, S

Duration:1 minute

With a touch, you cause an infestation of ravenous worms to manifest in the target’s flesh. The target must make a Constitution saving throw at the start of every round. Failure means it takes 1d6 piercing damage and is staggered for 1 round. A staggered creature can only move or take a single attack action. This spell cannot be ended early by any restorative effect like restoration or heal, as the infestation starts anew if the current worms are slain. Protection from good and evil negates this spell’s effects for as long as the two durations overlap. Dispel evil and good automatically ends a fleshworm infestation.

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