Funeral Pyre

2nd-level necromancy

Classes: druid, warlock

Casting Time: 1 reaction (dying)

Range: self

Components: V, S, M (ashes from a funeral pyre)

Duration: 1 minute

  • Note-Dying Spells: Spells with the (dying) descriptor can be cast as a reaction on being reduced to 0 hit points, even if the character has already used their reaction that round. The spellcaster must prepare these as 1-hour rituals to use them as described.

Your body is engulfed in roaring flames for 1 minute. This blaze is identical to a wall of fire spell that only fills the 5-foot area you occupy. You and any other creature sharing your space take 5d8 fire damage each round, or half as much damage on a successful save, as does your body and your gear after you die. Creatures adjacent to the funeral pyre must also save, with advantage on their saving throws.

Creatures more than 5 feet away from the funeral pyre take no damage.

Most flammable objects like paper and cloth are destroyed in a single round, but more durable items like weapons and armor may survive for multiple rounds, especially if they are magical (item hit points are subject to GM discretion). A creature grappling you at the time you use this spell has disadvantage on its initial Dexterity saving throw to reduce damage by half, but thereafter they can release your body and remove this disadvantage.

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