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Hooded Eyes

2nd-level enchantment

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: self (60-foot-radius)

Components: S, M (a little dust)

Duration: 1 minute

As you cast a little dust into the air, your enemies start to feel calm and sleepy.

Every visible target you designate within a 60-foot-radius of you must make a Wisdom saving throw. Creatures who fail their saves have their passive Perception reduced by half (rounded up) for the duration of the spell. They receive no Wisdom bonus to active Perception checks, and they lose their Dexterity bonus to AC (if applicable) and initiative during the first round of any combat that begins while the spell is in effect.

Any hostile action against an affected creature ends the effect. An ally can also use an action to shake an affected creature out of their stupor and end the effect.

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