8th-level transmutation

Classes: cleric, druid

Casting time: 10 minutes

Range:1 mile

Components:V, S, M (a drum and flag, painted with the symbol for the wind)

Duration:1 hour

You create a mighty storm of driving rain and hurricane-force winds within one square mile, blowing in any direction you choose. This gale of your hurricane creates waves 10- 30 feet high, automatically capsizing and sinking Large or smaller watercraft; Huge or larger ships are impossible to pilot while this spell is active. Large or smaller land vehicles and siege weapons are likewise destroyed, while Huge or larger vehicles and siege weapons have a 50% chance of destruction.

Large or smaller wooden buildings (and tents and pavilions of any size) are automatically destroyed, while Huge or larger wooden buildings and tree trunks have a 25% chance of suffering massive damage. Stone buildings are safe from destruction (though falling trees may damage such buildings). Exposed crops and gardens are 75% likely to be ruined. If sand, dust, or snow is present in the area of your hurricane, it is carried aloft on the wind and blocks vision as if the entire area were shrouded in obscuring mist, and it piles up in drifts 1d3-1 feet deep every 10 minutes, potentially burying creatures sheltering in sturdy buildings. The hurricane extinguishes Large or smaller fires immediately, while Huge or larger fires erupt into roaring conflagrations for 1d10 minutes before blowing out.

Creatures unable to find shelter take 1d10 piercing damage every 10 minutes they are exposed to the pelting rain and howling wind and may be checked or blown away by the wind.

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