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Identify Device

1st-level divination (ritual)

Casting Time: 1 minute

Range: Touch

Components: V, S, M (a small metal spring)

Duration: Instantaneous

You choose one mechanical or chaositech device that you touch throughout the casting of the spell. You learn its basic properties and how to use them, whether it requires attunement to use, and how many charges it has. For example, casting this on a demon gun would tell you that it is a “weapon,” while casting it on a spyglass would tell you that it is a “device for seeing faraway things.”

If a device has different functions that are equally basic, the spell determines the weakest or simplest function. If these functions are also of equal level or power, the GM decides randomly which is identified.

If you instead touch a creature throughout the casting, you learn what devices, if any, are attached to it.

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