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Illusory Advisor

1st-level illusion

Classes: Bard, Wizard

Casting Time:1 minute

Range:10 feet

Components:V, S, M (a miniature cushion)

Duration:1 hour

Sometimes adventurers are faced with impossible choices or simply mind-numbing loneliness. The illusory advisor was created to be a bouncing wall for ideas, fleeting thoughts, and quandaries. When you cast this spell, you or a target within range that is aware and accepts the spell willingly, visualizes an advisor who takes on a comfortable and familiar form. No one except the creature targeted by the spell can see or hear this illusory figure. The advisor is effectively an extension of your subconscious and will do its best to help you sort out whatever is troubling you or needs to be addressed. After the duration expires or when the spellcaster ends the spell, the advisor vanishes. If the spell is cast again in the future, the advisor will remember your previous conversations.

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