Invisibility Well

4th-level illusion

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S, M (a crystal bowl worth at least 10 gp)

Duration: Concentration, up to 5 minutes

Classes: bard, sorcerer, warlock, wizard

By setting a uniquely cut crystal bowl on the ground, and focusing light and sound into it, the caster creates a temporary well of invisible energies. Any ally who begins their turn in the same 5-foot square as the bowl is showered in these energies and becomes invisible as per the invisibility spell (though only the initial caster must concentrate, no matter how many of their allies use the well). An ally who loses their invisibility (by having it dispelled, by attacking, etc.) may return to the square in order to receive the effects again. If the initial caster’s concentration is broken, the spell is broken, or the duration ends, then all persons currently benefiting from the well’s effects become visible. The initial caster may pick up and move the well as an action, but anyone else who moves it breaks the spell. The spell is also broken if the bowl is destroyed. If invisibility well is dispelled, the bowl is destroyed.

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