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Lord of the City

9th-level divination (ritual)

Casting Time: 1 hour

Range: Self (3-mile-radius sphere)

Components: V, S, M (a 1,000-gp bronze plate etched with an accurate map of the settlement, which the spell consumes)

Duration: 3 hours

For the duration, you know the general status of the people in the settlement you are in: content, rebellious, afraid, dying, and so on.

You become aware of large-scale calamities or strong emotions—anything that affects at least 10 percent of the population or physically endangers 1 percent of the population. For example, in a city of ten thousand people, if one hundred fifty people had the plague, you would become aware of it (with no further details). If the city were under attack, you would become aware of it. If a major festival were occurring with a thousand people attending, you would know whether they were enjoying themselves.

You would not learn of minor occurrences (two people attacked during a robbery, three people dying in an accident, five people dying of natural causes, and so on).

As an action, you can learn the location and status of one creature you name, if that creature is within the settlement. At the time of this attempt, you must have touched that creature or be touching something belonging to them.

Your awareness of their location is incredibly accurate, and includes an address, building name, business name, or some other description that leaves no doubt as to where the creature is; only a mind blank or similarly powerful magic thwarts this awareness.

Once you have located a creature with this spell, you can send a short message to them and get a reply (as if using sending). You can use this aspect of lord of the city up to twenty times per casting.

You can cast this spell only within a settlement that is home to at least one hundred people. The area must be considered a city, town, village, hamlet, or similar community.

You cannot, for example, define one hundred farmers living across hundreds of acres as a “settlement.”

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