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Mom’s Spaghetti

5th-level divination

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: Self (30-foot radius)

Components: V, S, M (any instrument)

Duration: Instantaneous

Choose a creature, that can hear you, within range and attack them with a short set of brutal and scathing words. You project your voice for all within 30 feet to hear your putdowns clearly. Your cutting words dig straight to their most self-conscious fears and bring them to light in front of all their allies. The target must make a Charisma saving throw to withstand your attack. On a failed save they take 1d8 psychic damage for every ally within range that heard your verbal attacks, to a maximum of 8d8. Additionally, the target loses any benefits or features they may gain from having allies near them. They take half as much damage on a successful save and do not lose any abilities.

When attacking a swarm, they make the Charisma saving throw with disadvantage. They take 8d8 psychic damage on a failed save or half as much on a successful one.

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