Primeval Interdiction

7th-level abjuration

Classes: cleric, warlock

Casting Time:1 action

Components:V, S, M (a hand-carved idol of Tanoth-Gha or similar elder being)

Range:30 feet

Area: one creature or 20-foot radius

Duration:Concentration up to 24 hours

Some cultists venerate primordial beings whose existence predates the rise of more modern religions, even those of civilizations now thought ancient. To those who worship in his name he therefore is able to grant the power to interrupt the flow of divine energies of beings less ancient than he. This spell can be used in three ways.

Area Interdiction: You can cut off an area from the power of other divinities, creating an emanation that interferes with the ability of creatures to cast cleric, druid, paladin, or ranger spells, or to use magical class abilities of those classes. A creature wishing to use such an ability must succeed at a Wisdom saving throw, taking a -1 penalty on their saving throw for every 5 points of the caster’s Madness score (as above). If the Wisdom saving throw fails, the spell or ability is wasted without effect. It has no effect on magic items. If this spell is cast on in an area with a hallow spell cast upon an altar of an eldritch being, such as a Great Old One or Elder God, the area of effect is increased to a 20-foot radius.

Divine Dispelling: You can use primeval interdiction just as you would dispel magic, but it affects only cleric, druid, ranger, and paladin spells and it automatically dispels spells of 6th level or lower. You can add 1 to your checks to dispel higher-level spells for every 5 points of your Madness score.

Cleric, druid, paladin, or ranger spells with the mythos descriptor are unaffected by primeval interdiction.

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