Receding Reef

3rd-level transmutation

Classes: druid, ranger

Casting time: 1 action or 8 hours

Range:150 feet

Components:V, S


This spell robs the vitality of coral reefs and the sea plants that grow in and around them within a specific area. There are two possible uses for the spell, granting either an immediate or long-term blighting effect. If you cast this spell using 1 action, choose a point within range. All reef and associated plants in a 100-foot radius centered on that point are reduced to about one-third their normal size. The affected reef appears to have been carefully cut back and cleared. This reduction will also reduce the number of anemones, urchins, fish, and other similar tiny sea creatures that inhabit the reef.

You can exclude one or more areas of any size within the spell’s area from being affected. If you cast this spell over 8 hours, you blight the reef.

All reefs in a half mile radius centered on a point within range become blighted for 1 year. The reef does not grow, and fishing provides only half the normal amount of food when harvested. Receding reef dispels reef growth.

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