Ritual of Spiritbinding

Similar to the soulforging ritual that gives life to many gearforged, elemental gearforged are imbued with life through the ritual of spiritbinding. A spiritbinder conjures an elemental and forces it to bond with a rune-etched core inside the construct’s chest.

The spell is available to clerics and wizards but cannot be added to a wizard’s spellbook as one of the two spells learned for gaining a level. Instead, it must be found in written form and copied into the spellbook. Clerics can prepare this spell only if they worship a god of the specific elemental spirit they are channeling.

5th-level conjuration (ritual only)

Casting Time: 1 hour

Range: Touch

Components: V, S, M (a complete mechanical body worth 10,000 gp)

Duration: Instantaneous

Before the incantation begins, you must create a circle inscribed with Auran, Aquan, Ignan, or Terran runes, depending on the type of elemental you intend to bind, and place an inert gearforged body in its center. You must chant an incantation in this language throughout the ritual. At the end of this period, an elemental is summoned into the circle. You must make a DC 16 Charisma saving throw to bind the elemental to the construct. If it fails, you take 2d10 psychic damage and 2d10 damage based on the type of elemental (lightning for an air elemental, cold for a water elemental, fire for a fire elemental, or thunder for an earth elemental) from the primal energy radiating from the elemental.

The gearforged chassis also fails one death saving throw and is destroyed if it fails three death saving throws. If you choose not to maintain the spell or are unable to do so, the elemental is instantly killed, and you drop to 0 hit points and are dying.

If the save succeeds, the elemental is bound to the elemental core and immediately animates the constructed body. The gearforged has their own personality and retains none of the elemental’s memories, but they may recall memory fragments as time passes.

If you die during a spiritbinding, the elemental is also destroyed and completely consumes the constructed body.

Up to four other spellcasters of at least 5th level can assist you in the ritual. Each assistant reduces the DC of the Charisma saving throw by 1. If you fail this save, each assistant takes the same damage you do. An assistant who drops out can’t rejoin.

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