Shadow Sequestration

4th-level transmutation

Casting Time: 1 minute

Components: V, S, M (a p otion of invisibility, and a leaded crystal vial with a stopper of mixed lead and gold that costs at least 50 gp)

Range: Touch

Target: One willing creature, or an object weighing no more than 500 pounds

Duration: 1 week

Classes: sorcerer, wizard

By manipulating the fundamental nature of a creature or object, you can reduce it to little more than a captive prism of light and shadow. The subject slowly shrinks in size, growing hazy around the edges as light bends and folds it. It is drawn into the crystal vial, where it is preserved unchanged for up to a week. When the spell ends, whether because the vial is broken, the spell is dispelled, or the caster chooses to end the effect, the process reverses as the creature or object grows in size and solidity over the following 1d4 rounds. If there is insufficient space for the creature or object in the area where the spell was initially ended, then it transports that creature or object to the nearest place where it will fit.

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