Spirit of the Wind

4th-level transmutation

Classes: bard, sorcerer, wizard

Casting Time:1 action

Range:100 miles

Components:V, S

Duration:10 hours

You send a message or sound on the wind to a designated creature within range. The whispering wind travels to a specific location within range that is familiar to you, provided that it can find a way to the location. You can specify creatures by name or designate them by their position or role, such as the priest in a certain village. A spirit of the wind is as gentle and unnoticed until it reaches the location. It then delivers its whisper-quiet message or other sound. The wind then dissipates. You can prepare the spell to bear a message of no more than 25 words, cause the spell to deliver other sounds for 1 round, or merely have the whispering wind seem to be a faint stirring of the air. You can likewise cause the whispering wind to move as slowly as 1 mile per hour or as quickly as 1 mile per 10 minutes.

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