Steal Dying Breath

2nd-level necromancy

Casting Time: 1 reaction, which you make when a creature within range that you can see dies

Range: 10 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: Instantaneous

Classes: cleric, druid, warlock

When a creature within range of you that you can see dies, as a reaction you can cast this spell to trap a portion of its fading life essence, restoring 1 point of your own ki. If the target had the ability to use ki in life and had at least 1 ki point at the time of its death, you instead restore 2 points of your own ki.

These ki points are temporary and dissipate if not spent within 1 hour.

If the target is later returned to life, it has disadvantage on all attack rolls, saving throws, and ability checks for the next 24 hours; this is in addition to any penalties gained from resurrection or similar spells. A successful Constitution save negates this effect.

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