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4th-level transmutation

Casting Time:1 action
Range:30 feet
Components:V, S, F
Duration:1 minute

This spell allows the target to shrug off horrendous pain, debilitating injury, and the limitations of the mortal form for a brief time. When you cast this spell, you choose one creature within range that you can see. For the duration of the spell, the target is immune to the paralyzed, poisoned, and stunned conditions, suffers no effects from exhaustion, and gains 2d8 temporary hit points. If the target is paralyzed, poisoned, or stunned when this spell is cast, those conditions are suppressed for the duration. When the spell’s effect ends the target becomes incapacitated and their speed is reduced to 0 until the end of their next turn. In addition, the target gains one level of exhaustion, which can be recovered normally.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 5th level or higher, you may choose an additional target within range for each slot level above 4th.

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