Threefold Thunder

5th-level evocation

Casting Time:1 action

Range:300 ft.

Components:V, S


You unleash three shattering peals of thunder emanating from a point you designate. The first peal deals 1d8 thunder damage and deafens creatures within a 60-foot-radius for 1 minute.

The second peal deals 1d8 thunder damage and makes creatures stunned in a 30-footradius until the beginning of your next turn.

The third peal deals 1d8 thunder damage and knocks creatures prone in a 10-foot-radius. The effects of the threefold thunder stack in the areas where they overlap. Creatures in the area must make a Constitution saving throw. On a successful save, they are not deafened, stunned, or knocked prone. Beasts and monstrosities with Intelligence of 2 or less are frightened for 1 minute on a failed save, in addition to the above effects. A creature that is frightened by this spell must take the Dash action and try to move as far away as possible from the peals, and then the caster. A creature that ends its turn at least 60 feet away can make a Wisdom saving throw each round; on a success, it is no longer frightened.

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