Tranquil thoughts

4th-level enchantment

Classes: cleric, paladin

Casting time: 1 action

Range:self (60-foot radius)


Duration:Concentration, up to 1 minute

You pronounce a blessing of overwhelming peace and tranquility over a 60-foot radius around you, affecting all creatures a Wisdom saving throw as calm emotions. Even creatures succeeding on their saving throws are quelled in their ability to commit violence, needing to succeed on a Wisdom saving throw whenever they take an offensive action to avoid being affected as a slow spell until the end of their next turn. If an affected creature is attacked by an unaffected creature or a creature that has succeeded on its saving throw, the calming effect of the tranquil thoughts is broken only for that creature. If you take an offensive action, the tranquil thoughts ends for all creatures.

The effects of tranquil thoughts persist whenever affected creatures are within 60 feet of you. If they leave that radius, the effects of tranquil thoughts subside, but they return if the creature comes within 60 feet of you again prior to the expiration of the spell.

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