Transfixion Circle

6th-level enchantment

Classes: bard, sorcerer, warlock, wizard

Casting Time:1 action

Range:60 feet

Components:V, S

Duration:see text

All Medium or smaller humanoids entering or beginning their turn within the 10-foot-radius area of the transfixion circle must succeed a Wisdom saving throw or are permanently paralyzed, unable to move or take actions. You must set a release condition when the transfixion circle is created, which may be simple and reasonable (such as “stay here until I return”) or wholly implausible or impossible to meet (“stay here until the world ends”). If the condition is met, the spell is ended. If the condition is not met, trapped creatures can nevertheless attempt a new saving throw once per hour to break free.

A transfixion circle affects an area, and creatures removed from the area can attempt a new save once per round to break free from its effects. As long as at least one creature remains trapped within the transfixion circle, however, its magic remains effective and new creatures entering the area must save or be trapped. If all affected creatures are freed from the spell, the transfixion circle ends.

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