Transport to Cantina

5th-level conjuration (Ritual)

Casting Time:10 minutes

Range:30 feet

Components:V, S, M (a personalized ticket into the cantina)

Duration:6 hours

You create a doorway to a multidimensional cantina, filled with other patrons from other dimensions who have also cast this spell. Only the people listed on the spell component ticket may enter the cantina. All others are pushed away and take 1d10 force damage if they attempt to enter forcibly. You may not leave by any portal other than the one you entered from. The cantina is a medium sized establishment, complete with music, drinking, and gambling. Physical violence is not allowed, the patrons all turning on someone who breaks this rule. Any who might threaten the sanctity of the cantina are dealt with by the owner and barkeep, Revval.

While in the cantina, you may barter with other patrons for gear, coin, or information. The exact type of patrons you encounter is up to the GM. When the spell ends, you are thrust out of the door you created. Most patrons deem this to be uncouth, choosing the leave before the spell expires.

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