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True Telekinesis

9th-level transmutation

Classes sorcerer, wizard

Casting Time:1 action

Range:300 feet

Components:V, S

Duration:Concentration, up to 1 hour

Your mind overflows with telekinetic power, allowing you to manipulate creatures and objects by thought alone. When you use your action to cast this spell and do so each round for the duration, you can telekinetically manipulate any number of creatures or objects within range, causing one of the following effects to each of them. An unwilling target can attempt a Strength saving throw to prevent the effect. The maximum weight of a single target you manipulate is 50,000 pounds.

  • Telekinetic Thrust. The target takes 8d6 bludgeoning damage is thrown 30 feet in a straight line in a direction of your choice.
  • Telekinetic Grip. The target is restrained for the spell’s duration. While the target is so restrained, if you affect it with this effect again, you can choose to move it up to 30 feet and suspend the target in the air. At the end of each of its turns, the target can attempt a Strength saving throw to end the effect.
  • Telekinetic Maneuver. The target is pushed up to 60 feet along a path of your choice.
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