Yellow Sign

9th-level enchantment

Casting Time: 10 minutes

Range: Touch (see text)

Components: V, S, M (ochre and sulfur, plus powdered gold worth a total of 15,000 gp)

Duration: see text

Classes: bard, cleric, warlock, wizard

This spell functions as the symbol spell, save that creatures that fails its Wisdom saving throw become dominated (as per dominate monster) by Hastur. This causes such creatures to seek to aid any obvious minions or worshipers of Hastur in sight, and any true worshiper of Hastur can command the affected creatures as if that worshiper had been the one to dominate them. In the case of conflicting commands issued from different true worshipers of Hastur, the commanders must attempt opposed Charisma checks, with the winner being able to command the targets for that round.

If no worshipers or agents of Hastur are in sight, an affected creature can act normally. When affected by this spell’s Yellow Sign in this way, the effects last for 1 round per level. Once triggered, the Yellow Sign remains active for 10 minutes.

There is a 1% chance when a creature fails its saving throw against this spell that Hastur takes note and, for reasons of his own, decides to control the target personally. In this case, the actions taken by the dominated creature are left to the GM to determine, but the effects of this spell’s Yellow Sign persist for 1 day and the commands issued cannot be countermanded by any other creature, even if they are Hastur worshipers.

Regardless of how long the effects last or whether Hastur directly controls a victim, if a creature failed to resist this spell’s effects, Hastur can target that victim for the rest of its life with his fulvous dreams ability. Whether or not the Great Old One ever chooses to do so is left to the GM to determine.

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