Angelus Template (CR +1)

Angelus creatures have been touched by an angel, granted the blessings of Heaven as a reward for a truly noble sacrifice on behalf of others. An angelus creature is usually found in Heaven, imbued with that dimension’s energies after its soul has rested there a few centuries.

Requirements: Any living creature or construct can become an angelus creature.

Alignment. Angelus creatures are lawful good. Unaligned creatures become lawful good.

Type. The angelus creature’s type does not change.

Ability Scores. The angelus creature increases two ability scores by 2.

Resistances. The angelus creature gains resistance to poison and radiant damage.

Languages. The angelus creature can speak and understand Celestial.

Flight. The angelus creature gains a fly speed equal to its base walking speed.

Holy Resistance. The angelus creature gains advantage on saving throws made to resist vile spells.

Lit. The angelus creature sheds bright light in a radius of a size equal to 10 feet per point of proficiency bonus and dim light beyond that for 10 feet per point of proficiency bonus.

Magical Strikes. The angelus creature deals magical damage with its natural weapons and any melee weapons it wields.

Challenge. The angelus creature increases its CR by 1 (do not recalculate its proficiency bonus).

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