Celestial Template (CR +2)

Some creatures become instilled with celestial powers, transforming into more sublime versions of themselves. Once empowered a celestial creature often wanders at its fancy, traveling between planes to do good where they see evil. Any living creature or construct can become a celestial creature.

Alignment. Celestial creatures are chaotic good or neutral good. Unaligned creatures become neutral good.

Type. The celestial creature’s type changes to celestial.

Ability Scores. The celestial creature increases one ability score by 3 and two other ability scores by 2.

Saving Throws. The celestial creature gains proficiency with Wisdom and Charisma saving throws.

Resistances. The celestial creature gains resistance to necrotic and radiant damage.

Immunities. The celestial creature gains immunity to poison damage and the poisoned condition.

Languages. The celestial creature can speak and understand Celestial.

Divine Strikes. The celestial creature deals magical damage with its natural weapons and any melee weapons it wields, and when it hits with a melee weapon attack it deals radiant damage based on its proficiency bonus (+2—1d4, +3—1d6, +4—1d8, +5—1d10, +6—1d12). Celestial creatures that make only one attack each round deal twice as much radiant damage.

Holy Resistance. The celestial creature gains advantage on saving throws made to resist spells cast by creatures of evil alignment.

Lit. The celestial creature sheds bright light in a radius of a size equal to 20 feet per point of proficiency bonus and dim light beyond that for 20 feet per point of proficiency bonus.

Wings. The celestial creature has wings that grant it a fly speed equal to twice its base walking speed.

Challenge. The celestial creature increases its CR by 2 (recalculate proficiency bonus if necessary).

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