Color-Blighted Creature

Requirements: A beast, humanoid, giant, or plant can become a color-blighted creature. It keeps its statistics, except as follows.

As long as a creature suffers the colour-blighted template, it becomes aggressive toward creatures that do not exude the colors of a colour out of space and gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls such targets. Every time the creature takes a long rest (or 24 hours for plant creatures), a creature suffering from this template must succeed at a DC 12 Constitution saving throw or crumble into fine, white ash—such a doom means instant death and, for many color-blighted creatures, the only chance at escape from a life filled with pain.

If a creature is killed by a colour out of space’s drain or aura of lassitude ability (see regional effects) it gains the color-blighted template. It losses the template if its Charisma score is restored back to normal or if the colour out of space is killed.

Alignment: The creatures’ alignment changes to chaotic neutral.

Ability Scores: These remain unchanged except for Charisma which is set to 1.

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