Mad Spring Behemoth Template

A beast, fey, humanoid, giant, or monstrosity can become a behemoth. It keeps its statistics, except as follows.

Type. The behemoth is now an aberration.

Armor Class. The behemoth gains +1 natural armor.

Size. The behemoth’s size increases by two categories if Tiny or Small or by one category if larger.

Senses. The behemoth makes any adjustments to its senses based on the warping effects gained from the template.

Ability Scores. The behemoth increases its Strength score by 4 and reduces its Intelligence and Charisma scores by 2.

Skills. The behemoth gains proficiency in Athletics and Intimidation.

Resistances. The behemoth retains any resistances and adds any granted by the warping effects gained from the template.

Immunities. The behemoth retains any immunities it has. If the behemoth already has resistance to a particular type of damage and gains it again from warping effects, it instead gains immunity to that form of damage. In the case of weapon damage, it becomes immune to all nonmagical forms of that damage.

Body Warping. The behemoth gains two warping effects from the Behemoth Body Warping table, rolled randomly or chosen by the GM.

Challenge. The behemoth increases its challenge rating by 1, recalculating its proficiency bonus as necessary. (If the body warping chart provides especially advantageous effects to a particular creature, such as adding multiple resistances to a base creature of challenge rating 3 or less, consider increasing the challenge rating by 2 instead.)

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