Vilespawn Template (CR +1)

Eventually the fallen souls that can’t struggle back to redemption accrue too much evil, the despicable essence of what they have become rapidly overtaking even their natural biological functions. These cursed creatures become vilespawn, hideously mutated freaks that have changed to appear as they truly are within their blackened hearts. When any living creature’s Sin ability score reaches 23, after taking a long rest it awakens as a vilespawn.

GM Note: Vilespawn are specifically built to remain playable for PCs that have gone off the deep end—just because your evil mage has turned into a (more) freakish monster does not mean things can’t get worse! While they may not be able to go about high society with great ease, any adventurer that gains this template should remain a character in the group and the changes to their statistics should alter roleplay (not end it).

Alignment. If the vilespawn somehow had a neutral alignment or was unaligned, its alignment changes to neutral evil.

Type. The vilespawn’s type changes to monstrosity.

Intelligence. The vilespawn loses most of its memories and sense of self. Its Intelligence score changes to 7 and it gains proficiency in Intelligence saving throws. If it used Intelligence as a spellcasting attribute, its new spellcasting attribute becomes either Wisdom or Charisma (whichever is higher). If the vilespawn has levels in a class, it loses the feature gained in its most recent level (the next level it takes in this class it regains that feature but not the feature listed for their current level until gaining another level and so on, making it impossible to acquire a 20th level feature).

Resistances. The vilespawn gains resistance to fire and poison damage. If the creature already has resistance to fire and poison damage, it gains immunity instead (as well as immunity to the poisoned condition).

Vulnerabilities. The vilespawn gains vulnerability to radiant damage.

Senses. The vilespawn can see normally in darkness, both magical and nonmagical, to a distance of 120 feet.

Languages. The vilespawn can speak and understand Vilespeech.

Deformed. The vilespawn gains two randomly chosen Deformity feats and has disadvantage on all non-intimidation Charisma ability checks. Depending on the circumstances of the vilespawn’s transformation, at the GM’s discretion other types of feats may result (like Sinful feats or Wicked Grafts).

Challenge. The vilespawn increases its CR by 1 (do not recalculate proficiency bonus).

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