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A collection of nautical flavored gear to provide your players from other publishers.

Adventuring Gear
Item Cost Weight Source
Astrolabe 100 gp 6 lb. NCRf5e
Bandana 1 sp NCRf5e
Binoculars 10 gp 2 lb. SAfFE
Compass 10 gp 1/4 lb. SAfFE
Eye Patch 1 sp NCRf5e
Goggles 1 gp 1/2 lb. SAfFE
Hat 1 sp to 5 gp 1/2 lb. to 2 lb. NCRf5e
Ink Cartridge Pen 1 gp SAfFE
Ink Cartridge 5 sp SAfFE
Lighter 8 gp SAfFE
Match 4 gp SAfFE
Nautical Chart 25 gp NCRf5e
Parasol (Silk) 5 gp SAfFE
Pocket Watch 5 gp SAfFE
Photographic Camera 50 gp 4 lb. SAfFE
Photo Plate (1 sheet) 1 gp SAfFE
Reed Breathing Tube 1 sp 1/2 lb. NCRf5e
Sextant 500 gp 2 lb. NCRf5e
Smokestick 14 gp 1/2 lb. SAfFE
Spyglass 250 gp 1 lb. NCRf5e
Steamer Trunk (Large) 5 gp 20 lb. SAfFE
Tattoo 1 cp to 20 gp NCRf5e
Tool/Utility Belt 2 gp 2 lb. SAfFE
Wristwatch 5 gp SAfFE

Astrolabe. Astrolabes determine the date and time (which takes 1 minute). At night, you gain advantage on Nature checks related to geography, and Survival checks to navigate in the wilderness or at sea. To use one of these complex astronomical devices you must be proficient with navigator’s tools. Price 100 gp; Weight 6 lbs.

Bandana. Used for sun protection, as Colorful accessories, collect sweat, or worn under a hat to make it more comfortable. Price 1 sp.

Compass. A tiny, simple with a pointer that always points north. All Wisdom (Survival) checks made to determine location and direction using a compass are made with Advantage.

Eye patch. Worn to cover one eye and tie around the head, usually to cover injured or blind eyes. They are also worn to look more intimidating or to keep one eye covered when transitioning from the dim light of below decks to the bright sunlight above. Price 1 sp.

Goggles. A pair of goggles can block out the soot and wind while traveling or protect the vision of the wearer from smoke, sparks and other hazards. They also help your character look the part.

Hat. A hat comes in a variety of looks such as the popular bowler, top hat, cap and bonnet. Hats are worn on the head as often for sun protection as for style. Bicorn and tricorn hats are often worn by pirates for sun protection and style. Price 1sp to 5 gp; Weight 1/2 lb. to 2 lbs.

Ink Cartridge Pen. A pen that does not require a bottle of ink to dip into, since the ink is stored in a cartridge inside the pen.

Lighter. A lighter holds a small amount of a flammable substance ignited by a flint striking metal, similar to a firearm. Its flame lights a 5-foot area as a candle does but it burns for 3 hours. A single flask of oil can refill two lighters. It is much easier to light fuses with a lighter than with any other source of flame.

Match. An alchemical substance on the end of this small, wooden stick ignites when struck against a rough surface. Creating a flame with a match is much faster than creating a flame with flint and steel (or a magnifying glass) and tinder, although not as fast as with a lighter. Lighting a torch with a match is a standard action (rather than a full-round action) and lighting any other fire with one is at least a standard action Photographic Camera. A handheld device with a protruding lens on the front. It is used to capture a static image, or snapshot of what is in the view of the lens onto a plate.

Nautical chart. Display settlements, depth of water, shape of coastlines, currents, tides and navigational hazards such as reefs. A chart grants advantage on Nature checks related to navigation, to those who are proficient with navigator’s tools, when in the area detailed by the chart. Price 25 gp.

Photo Plate. A metal plate that holds a special paper used to capture what is exposed by the photographic camera lens. The captured image provides a perfect rendition of what opening the lens revealed, but without color. To develop a photo plate you must be proficient with the alchemist kit.

Pocket Watch. A circular device stored in a metal case used to provide the exact time of day, linked to a chain that is stored in a waist pocket of a jacket or vest.

Reed Breathing Tube. Use of a reed tube allows breathing 1-2 feet under the surface in calm waters. Using this device in rough waters is difficult or impossible. Price 1 sp; Weight 1/2 lb.

Sextant. Used to determine latitude, a sextant grants advantage on Survival checks made to navigate while above ground at midday or at night. You must be able to clearly see the midday sun or stars to use this device. Price 500 gp; Weight 2 lbs.

Smokestick. A wooden stick that is alchemically treated to instantly create thick, opaque smoke when ignited. It emits a cloud of smoke in a 10-foot radius. The stick is consumed after 1 round, and the smoke disperses in one round.

Spyglass. Objects viewed through a spyglass are magnified to twice their size. Price 250 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Tattoo. Tattoos provide decoration, indicate group membership or can even provide an arcane focus. The quality, size, and the number of colors used in a tattoo determine its cost. Describe the tattoo to your GM, who sets the price. Price 1 cp–20 gp (or free… ouch!).

Tool/Utility Belt. A sturdy belt made from leather with numerous covered pockets to hold small tools and supplies, making it easy to keep about 10 pounds of items on hand.

Wristwatch. A device worn on the wrist used to provide the exact time of day.

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Naval Combat Rules for Fifth Edition 1.0 published by Tribality.com (Innovaworks Inc.); Copyright 2018 Shawn Ellsworth.