– Armor

Light Armor
Armor Cost Armor Class Strength Stealth Weight Source
Combat robe 250 gp 11 + Dexterity modifier (max 2) 10 lb. SAfFE
Uniform 20 gp 11 + Dexterity modifier 8 lb. SAfFE
Assassin outfit 50 gp 10 + Dexterity modifier Advantage 2 lb. SAfFE
Masterwork coat 50 gp 12 + Dexterity modifier 11 lb. SAfFE
Medium Armor
Armor Cost Armor Class Strength Stealth Weight Source
Scrap plate 50 gp 15 + Dexterity modifier (max 2) Disadvantage 40 lb. SAfFE
Heavy Armor
Armor Cost Armor Class Strength Stealth Weight Source
Gearplate 1,250 gp 18 Strength 15 Disadvantage 60 lb. SAfFE
Mech 2,000 gp 18 Strength 13 Disadvantage 50 lb. SAfFE
Shield Cost Strength Stealth Weight Cost Source
Parasol Shield 15 gp 1 4 lb. SAfFE

Assassin Outfit. This outfit has the same armor class as clothing, but it is so well suited to hiding in the shadows that it provides advantage on stealth checks. It also has many small compartments for objects such as poison vials and daggers.

Buckler. Small metal shield held in a fist grip. This shield is not strapped onto the arm, so it can be donned or doffed in tandem with your movement and action.

Combat Robe. This robe has the same armor class as clothing. It is favored by arcane arts users who find themselves mixed up in combat. The robe provides some added protection to the wearer with padding and leather in wearer’s most vulnerable spots. Wearing this armor requires no proficiency with Light Armor.

Gearplate. Traditional plate armor crafted to be lighter with reinforced gear-aided joints to provide easier movement and more protection.

Masterwork Coat. A reinforced full length leather coat.

Mech. Heavy, full Plate armor with reinforced joints that uses steamtech to carry most of its weight. Armor weighs 125 lbs when it is powered down. The time to don and doff this armor is the same as Medium Armor.

Parasol Shield. This light, metal shield can be collapsed into a parasol when not being used.

Scrap Plate. Armor crafted from scrap parts and antique armor.

Uniform. Military uniform made of tough cloth, cotton and other fibers. Identifies the wearer as a combatant of a specific military force.

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