Special Foods


Bumbleberry is a juicy, blue oval-shaped berry.

Once consumed, you make all Dexterity checks and saving throws at disadvantage until the end of your next long rest.

Dumgi Fungi

Dumgi fungi is a red mushroom with white spots.

Once consumed, your Intelligence score is lowered by 2 until the end of your next long rest.


Fizzberry is a small oval-shaped turquoise berry.

Fizzberry is an explosive berry which can be thrown 20 feet. It deals 1d8 force damage to all creatures within a 10-foot radius.


Gluttonberry is a small, pink, bulbous berry.

Once consumed, you make all ability checks and saving throws at disadvantage until the end of your next short rest, during which time you must consume three times the normal amount of rations you would ordinarily consume.

Golden Mushroom

A small, plump golden mushroom, about the size of a human thumb.

Once consumed, it grants the benefit of a short rest. A creature may only gain this benefit once between long rests.


Mithrenfire is a bright red, tall grass that grows like wheat.

Once consumed, you feel warm and energetic. For one day all Constitution saving throws are with advantage and all Wisdom saving throws are with disadvantage.


Mumbleberry is a tiny, star-shaped black berry.

Once consumed, you make all Charisma checks at disadvantage for one day.

Moon Fruit

Moon fruit is a crescent-shaped yellow fruit.

Once consumed, you gain resistance to necrotic damage for one day.


Ramstalk is a huge bluish-green mushroom with a masive cap.

Ramstalk is large enough that gnomes and other small races often carve out homes in them once they’ve petrified. Dead ramstalk is strong enough to build with.


Slumberberry is a round white berry with black spots.

Once consumed, you fall asleep for 10 minutes. If you take any damage or someone uses an action to wake you, you regain consciousness immediately.

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