– Tools

The following is a list of new tools that a steampunk adventurer could choose to be proficient in. You can add these tools to the list of tools available such as Smith’s Tools and Tinker’s Tools.

Proficiency with any of these artisan’s tools lets you add your proficiency bonus to any ability checks made using the tools of your craft. Each type of artisan’s tools requires a separate proficiency. Each of these kits provide the tools needed to pursue a craft or trade.

Table: Tools
Item Cost Weight Source
Artisan’s tools
Apothecary’s supplies 50 gp 8 lb. SAfFE
Investigator’s supplies 50 gp 8 lb. SAfFE
Fortune Teller’s Tools
Crystal ball 25 gp 3 lb. SAfFE
Fortune-telling cards 10 gp SAfFE
Pendulum 25 gp 1 lb. SAfFE
Astrology charts 25 gp 1 lb. SAfFE
Bone set 10 gp SAfFE
Rune stones 10 gp SAfFE
Bowl of intoxicating vapors 10 gp SAfFE
Spirit Board 10 gp 1 lb. SAfFE
Tea set and tea leaves 10 gp SAfFE
Steamer Trunk (Large) 5 gp 20 lb. SAfFE
Tool/Utility Belt 2 gp 2 lb. SAfFE
Wristwatch 5 gp SAfFE

Apothecary’s Supplies. This kit provides a portable alchemical lab which includes the tools and components necessary to prepare, preserve, compound, analyze and dispense medicinal drugs.

Investigator’s Supplies. This kit provides a portable investigator kit which includes the tools and components necessary to collect and analyze evidence in the field with materials including clean containers, labels, gloves, tweezers and swabs.

Fire Starter. The device produces a miniature flame, which you can use to light a candle, torch, or campfire. Using the device requires your action.

Fortune Teller’s Tools. These are the items used by mystics to ply their arts. Your mystic tool may appear however you wish, as they all serve nearly the same function, to be a prop.

Music Box. When opened, this music box plays a single song at a moderate volume. The box stops playing when it reaches the song’s end or when it is closed.

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