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Amateur Psychic Poisoner

You have learned the basics of the forbidden art of the poisoner of minds from the drow.

Prerequisite(s): Intelligence 13 or higher

Benefit(s): You gain your Intelligence modifier poison points +1/2 your proficiency bonus.

Choose two attributes as your focus that are not Charisma or Constitution. You can create psychic poisons with the chosen attributes as focus.

Your psychic poison’s maximum number of poison points equal to your proficiency bonus +1.

You may only create psychic poisons of the type The Shell’s Bane.

Designer’s Note: Going one Step beyond with Poison Points

The poison point engine presented here is simple and robust enough to modify it in a variety of ways, as exemplified by the Amateur Psychic Poisoner feat. It could easily serve as a general means of codifying the diverse effects of mundane poisons and the poisoned condition. It is designed with the specific opportunity in mind that groups out there will tweak it further. There may be some psychic poisons that can duplicate other damage types, psychic poisons that duplicate spell effects…etc. Furthermore, one could easily “mirror” the engine—make the poison component the downside of a two-edged sword, if you will—add benefits, and suddenly, you get psychic combat drugs that come with a hefty price, but also a boon!

All of this goes beyond the confines of this humble book, though, and the preferences of groups are as varied as the fungi in the subterranean jungles, so for now, I leave further tweaks up to you! Have fun!

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