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You grew up on a remote colony on a world, moon, or asteroid hardly inhabitable by intelligent life of any kind. This was a harsh, meager existence, punctuated by natural disasters and the attacks of hostile frontier natives. You have learned to survive these difficulties through grit and determination

You work to make sure the next generation grows up to have just a little more safety and security than you.

Skill Proficiencies: Perception, Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Repair tools

Languages: One of your choice, most likely from a species native to your home region of space

Equipment: Binoculars, a canteen, a survival tent, a piece of folk art from your home colony, a set of casual clothes, and 10 credits.

Feature: Hard living

You can find food and shelter in nearly any environment. No matter the conditions, your DC on Survival skill checks to find either of these necessities can never be higher than 15. If the conditions of your current situation are similar to those of your home colony you generally do not need to make a roll.

An hour of searching for food using this feature will generally find enough food for up to 6 characters to have a meal. An hour’s search for shelter will find one that can accommodate up to 6, protecting them from all but the harshest weather.

However these accommodations can be quite unusual, relying on dead creatures as heat sources, strange natural formations, and eating utterly disgusting food.

Suggested Characteristics

d6 Personality Trait
1 I much prefer eating my scrounged up food to anything fancy and cooked.
2 I rarely see any world other than my home colony as much of a challenge.
3 I often tell stories about local figures in my home community.
4 I do not respect the authority or danger of people outside my home colony.
5 I am overly cautious. Waste not, want not.
6 I hoard food and equipment for the day when there is none.
d6 Ideal
1 Proven Techniques. Once a successful way of doing things has been found, we should keep to it until it endangers us. (Lawful)
2 New Ways. We must constantly seek new and innovative ways of doing things if we are to survive. (Chaotic)
3 Community. We all must work together if we are to survive. We should protect the weak so that they may become strong. (Good)
4 Hard Choices. The weak pull us down, and must be cut loose if the rest of us are going to survive. (Evil)
5 Determination. Nothing will stop us from accomplishing our goals. We must never give up. (Any)
6 Compromise. We must negotiate with villains and seek a balanced approach to our decisions. Only through careful weighing of options will we pick the survivable path. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I will get revenge on those who threaten my colony.
2 I will find a way for us all to survive the current galactic crisis.
3 I will protect those closest to me.
4 I seek a new home for my brethren.
5 The location of my home colony is a secret that I will take to my grave.
6 I have been ostracized by my colony, but I will find a way to regain their respect.
d6 Flaw
1 I am extremely suspicious of people I don’t already know.
2 I never let anyone I care about go off alone. Ever.
3 I take my time in a new environment, scouting out the entire area.
4 I take revenge for every offense.
5 I secretly enjoy dangerous situations.
6 I seek consensus from the entire group before taking action.
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