You were raised as a pampered noble, but somehow escaped a sedate life of parties and gossip. Instead you’ve thrown in your lot with the commoners of the galaxy, exploring and adventuring with the best of them. Your old graces and expensive education come in handy, especially when dealing with authorities who respect those with just the right accent and manners.

You’ll never be one of the cantina scum, but you’ve got your own useful ways. Nobody complains when you remember an important historical fact or cite a useful bureaucratic nuance. Well, most don’t complain anyway.

Skill Proficiencies: One Charisma skill and one Intelligence skill of your choice

Languages: One of your choice

Weapon Proficiency: Noble swords

Equipment: A signet ring or other symbol of your status, a set of formal clothes, and 15 credits. At the GM’s discretion you may begin with a starting vehicle.

Feature: Poise

With the finest education the galaxy can provide and a childhood spent hobnobbing among snobby elites, you have developed a way about you. You carry yourself with the bearing of a noble, even in the heat of battle. Others sense your superiority and give you a wide berth.

Due to your bearing, you may move through the space of any sentient creature during combat, simply going where you choose.

Those who are not noble like you suffer disadvantage on Charisma rolls made to order you around or otherwise demean you. Some may scorn you for your haughty countenance, but few do so openly.

Suggested Characteristics

d6 Personality Trait
1 I demand only the best equipment, clothing, and vehicles.
2 I hold myself to exacting standards of behavior.
3 I make a point of being nice to servants and other workers. It’s not their fault they were lowborn.
4 I do everything with a theatrical flourish.
5 I’ve cast off the trappings of wealth and now scorn them.
6 I expect others to follow my lead.
d6 Ideal
1 Propriety. Each of us has a role to play in society. It is rarely our own choice. (Lawful)
2 Benevolence. It is the duty of the powerful to take care of their charges. (Good)
3 Insatiable. We should all experience all we can in life. (Chaotic)
4 Supremacy. I was born better than most others. (Evil)
5 Obligation. Times are changing and the nobles must be as involved as any other group. (Any)
6 Temperance. Nobles bring a certain measured and educated perspective to conflict. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 One of the other PCs was once my bodyguard or servant.
2 I was adopted and now seek my real parents or home world.
3 A violent act has inspired me to leave the comforts of my house.
4 My family has been dethroned, stripped of title, or otherwise cast out of power.
5 I fell in love with a commoner.
6 I seek an honorable duel with a powerful villain in the galaxy.
d6 Flaw
1 I can’t help but be condescending most of the time.
2 I need to be pampered and can’t stand roughing it.
3 I often speak for the group without consensus.
4 I always need to be stylish.
5 I cite experts and famous philosophers constantly, often alienating the less educated.
6 I refuse to show pain or weakness of any kind.
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