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Procedural Gambits

Prerequisite: Intelligence 13 or higher

You have learned a number of gambits that you can pull as Procedures, just as a Genius might for their gambits. These gambits are documented in your Procedures book, which you must have in hand when employing them.

When you gain this feat, you acquire a Procedure book holding two 1st-level gambits of your choice from any school or schools.

Your gambit pulling ability is Intelligence.

If you come across a gambit in written form, such as in someone else’s Procedure book or experimental notes, you might be able to add it to your Procedure book. The gambit’s level can be no higher than half your level (rounded up), and it must have the Procedure tag.

The process of copying the gambit into your Procedure book takes 2 hour per level of the gambit and costs 50 credits per level.

The cost represents materials you go through as you figure out just how you would conduct this Procedure yourself.

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