Hypertech is built on a foundation of six core classes, each of which branches off into iconic archetypes. All are based on the core classes with their flavors modified to fit science fiction. Through multiclassing, players should be able to construct nearly any major sci-fi character.

Want to play a seasoned rebel leader? Try a Soldier: Commando crossed with Ambassador: Provocateur. Want to try for an underworld bodyguard? Go for Outlaw: Gunslinger with levels in Muscle: Thug. Like to build a grease monkey engineer with mystical powers? Use Genius: Engineer and a bit of Sorcerer.

The Hypertech classes are as follows:

  • Ambassador. Leaders and persons capable of spinning situations their way. Archetypes: Con Artist, Performer, Provocateur.
  • Genius. Brilliant scientists and savants exploiting nearly every field of study for adventuring potential. Archetypes: Doctor, Engineer, Splicer, Tactician.
  • Muscle. Prime physical specimens, protecting and assaulting with their bare hands and a few weapons to boot. Archetypes: Duelist, Martial Artist, Thug.
  • Outlaw. Scruffy ruffians and bad boys operating outside the law. Archetypes: Bounty Hunter, Gunslinger, Saboteur.
  • Pilot. Adrenaline junkies and hotshots ready to take to the skies. Archetypes: Ace, Racer, Smuggler.
  • Soldier. Hardened warriors who’ve seen the worst war has to offer. Archetypes: Commando, Medic, Scout.
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