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Your species is evolved from fungi, appearing as their fruiting shapes such as giant mushrooms. Your body likely has numerous small limbs that work together to function as most bilateral humanoid limb systems do. Your people are a little slow but are quite hearty, thriving on planets where few others can.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2.

Age. Your species ages much slower than humans do, reaching maturity around 30 solar years and living to be over 500 in extreme cases.

Dispersed Physiology. You cannot permanently lose a full limb, as your ability to manipulate objects comes from a system of tendrils that tend to regenerate over time. Additionally, your head cannot be targeted in attacks of any kind, as your brain is distributed throughout your body.

Iron Constitution. You can eat nearly any organic substance, and have resistance to poison damage.

Mycotoxins. When a creature successfully strikes you with an unarmed attack or engages you in a grapple, they take 1 point of poison damage for each point of damage they inflict. Your own unarmed attacks may deal poison damage (rather than bludgeoning) if you strike with an exposed part of your body.

Saprophyte. You may consume energy from a recently killed living creature of medium size or larger. Doing so takes an action and requires that you touch the creature’s corpse. This counts as a short rest for you, but may only be done once between each long rest.

Size. You are the shape of a bulky humanoid, making you Medium size.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet.

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