Combat Fumbles

If a combatant suffers a Fumble (event #16), roll 1d6 to choose one of the following combat fumbles.

d6 Fumble
1 Prone. The combatant slips or trips and falls prone.
2 Disarmed. The combatant drops its weapon. If it is not holding a weapon, it drops any other item it’s holding in its hands. If it’s not holding any items, it becomes entangled (as result #3 below) instead.
3 Entangled. The combatant gets caught up in foliage, furniture, curtains, or even its own backpack. The combatant is restrained for 1 round.
4 Vulnerable. The combatant makes a tactical mistake and places itself in a vulnerable position. All attacks against it gain advantage until the beginning of its next round.
5 Disoriented. A random blow or moment of confusion effectively stuns the combatant for 1 round.
6 Blinded. Whether from blood in its eyes or a helmet falling down over its face—perhaps even a bright light—the combatant is blinded for 1 round.
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EN World EN5IDER: Advanced Rules Miscellany Copyright 2020, EN Publishing

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