Gas Spore

From a distance, the gas spore is likely to be mistaken for an eye tyrant, using its mimicry to lure would-be victims to their doom. A successful DC 20 Wisdom (Perception) check discerns the true nature of the gas spore.

The gas spore has a fly speed of 10 feet with average maneuverability.

When a creature comes within 10 feet of a gas spore, it must make a successful DC 13 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned. The poison lasts until it is cured. Every 24 hours, the poisoned creature must succeed on a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or the target’s Constitution score is reduced by 1d4. The target dies if this effect reduces its Constitution to 0. A creature slain in this manner will expel 2d4 gas spores from its body the next turn after it dies.

The Constitution damage cannot be regained while the creature remains poisoned. A lesser restoration spell will cure the condition. Once cured, the creature regains the lost Constitution after completing a long rest. If a gas spore is struck for a single point of damage, it explodes in a violent blast of caustic gas. All creatures within a 30-foot radius centered on the spore must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw, taking 21 (6d6) poison damage on a failure, or half as much damage on a successful one.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Rappan Athuk © 2018, Frog God Games, LLC; Authors Bill Webb, Clark Peterson, Skeeter Green, Tom Knauss, Lance Hawvermale, WDB Kenower, Casey Christofferson, and Greg Raglund; based on the original creation of Bill Webb.

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