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Coronal of Insight

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

Golden circlet with horn-like prongs and a flat indentation at the front.

Wearing the Coronal grants you the innate ability to comprehend any language, written or spoken.

You also gain the ability to see invisibility, as per the spell. You can use this power once per short or long rest.

Cursed. The Coronal is an artefact of the nightmare entity C’tegra. Once placed on your head, you are unable to remove the circlet by mundane or magical means unless the curse is broken.

When worn, C’tegra whispers to you when dreaming or meditating. You comprehend its words when spoken but remember none of them upon waking.

Every morning you need to make a DC 8 Charisma saving throw to avoid succumbing to C’tegra’s influence. Failing the save results in advancing one stage on the table below. You gain the ability listed but are compelled to carry out the equivalent penalty action.

For every day you wear the circlet, C’tegra’s influence grows stronger. Add +1 to the Charisma saving throw’s DC for each day worn.

The curse can only be broken with remove curse spell cast by a 9th-level cleric or above.

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