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Book of Dreams

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

These amazing tomes were created by a mage obsessed with dreams, believing that dreams were the secret to opening the full range of the mind. He theorized that by studying one’s dreams one could gain true mastery over their actual waking world.

Appearance: A book of dreams is about 12-inches wide, 18-inches tall and 3-inches thick. They are made of a strange paper that is nearly white and bound in heavy leather with ornate embossing. The writing within appears hastily scrawled and crude pictures adorn many pages. While the attuned owner sleeps the text and images on the pages disappear and are replaced with an amazing array of random symbols, sigils, and illustrations, apparently being filled with the collected dreams of the attuned owner.

Effects: The attuned owner has advantage on Intelligence checks and always rerolls “natural” 1s when making Intelligence checks.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

5-for-5 Book 1 – 5 Magic Items for 5e. Copyright 2016 d20pfsrd.com Publishing; Authors: Carbuncle, John Reyst.

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